Igniting Technology

Chuck Wambeke, President of Industrial Automation Consulting (IAC), was recently invited to speak at the SMART Worker presentation at Calit2, University of California, Irvine, CA. 

IAC President, Chuck Wambeke, discussed his experiences as an applications engineer, “working to empower the workforce in different environments” by automating manufacturing facilities in areas including industrial mineral processing, water production/distribution, power generation/distribution, and wastewater collection/treatment. 

“On the municipal side of our business most of the smaller communities we work with only have a couple people that are responsible for the city’s water/wastewater infrastructure.  They really needed a more economical means of implementing automation and providing “anywhere, anytime” access to their systems,” he said.  IAC has developed a new control system design that minimizes the capital costs of implementing automation.  This new design then empowers the workforce by providing access to the system anytime, anywhere.

A leader in the Internet of Things movement, Calit2, from the start, has developed and integrated technology into devices and applications for improving our daily lives.  When President Obama launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Calit2 saw an opportunity to apply its IoT (Internet of Things) and people-centric approach, and launched a Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance for Research and Training (SMART).  SMART’s vision: to employ technology to empower skilled workers with greater autonomy and decision making responsibilities, resulting in more energy-efficient, productive and safer factories. 

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